Executed by Ozias Humphry R.A in 1788.

A  portrait, its provenance and history...

Executed by Ozias Humphry R.A in 1788.

A  portrait, its provenance and history...

The Rice Portrait of 





New Evidence - Fanny Caroline Lefroy Note

New evidence of the envelope and note written by Fanny Caroline Lefroy in support of the Rice portrait of Jane Austen.

There are many examples of Fanny’s handwriting in archives particularly the Hampshire record office if any scholar out there wishes to verify this note Anne Rice has said that she is entirely happy to give access.

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Stephen Cole, Director of Acume Forensics

Stephen Cole has an international reputation and his firm, Acume, has long experience and trusted expertise in the highly specialized field of photographic imaging. Acume regularly undertakes far more important work than this on the international stage, whose significance so dwarfs our own concerns that we hesitate to compare them. See the 'Enquiry Link' below.


As a world leader in the identification and analysis of photographic images, Stephen Cole himself  is valued as a distinguished witness and collaborator by three of the most eminent advocates in the United Kingdom, not to mention the Secretary General of the United Nations.





R W Chapman


Sir Henry Hake, Director of the National Portrait Gallery 1927-1951

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National Portrait Gallery card holding an image of the portrait with NPG date stamp 1987. Date is given as c.1790

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