Executed by Ozias Humphry R.A in 1788.

A  portrait, its provenance and history...

Executed by Ozias Humphry R.A in 1788.

A  portrait, its provenance and history...

The Rice Portrait of 







Thank you for visiting the website of the Rice Portrait of Jane Austen, which has been set up by the Rice family to keep the public informed of developments and research concerning the portrait's provenance and past.  


Anne Rice and her late husband, Henry Rice, owned the portrait of Jane Austen, his ancestress .


Henry Rice died in 2010; he and Anne had been married for thirty-five years. Acres of print have been written about the painting, positions around it have become entrenched and passions have run high.


Now, after years of research, the Rice family are able to offer a detailed history of this portrait, as well as  the latest findings in regard to its authenticity. There is also new information on the methods used by the painter Ozias Humphry to sign his works, on his life, and on his whereabouts at the time the painting was executed.


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Spontaneous Composite Portraits of Jane Austen


One evening, in an

attempt to compare

the Rice, Stanier

Clarke, and Cassandra

Austen portraits of Jane

Austen, I equalized the

size and angle of the

heads, erased the lines under the eyes of the Cassandra portrait, and placed the three in a horizontal configuration on my computer screen in order to better see the relative disposition of features.


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Acume Roadmap


Stephen Cole has an international reputation and his firm, Acume, has immense expertise in the field of specialized photographic imaging.  He has now kindly supplied us with full technical details of how to replicate his original work on the writing he discovered on the front of the 1910 Emery Walker photographic plate of  the portrait.


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spontaneous composites

This website is constantly under renewal. This is because we continue to receive help from a rapidly-growing number of readers who feel  that what we are doing is important for everyone who loves English literature and Jane Austen.


We would add that without this steady flow of new information contributed by people from all over the world, our campaign to authenticate the Rice Portrait, which so many now believe is the only professionally-painted likeness of Jane Austen in existence, would long since have foundered.