Executed by Ozias Humphry R.A in 1788.

A fascinating portrait, its provenance and history...

Executed by Ozias Humphry R.A in 1788.

A fascinating portrait, its provenance and history...

The Rice Portrait of 







Thank you for visiting the website of the Rice Portrait of Jane Austen, which has been set up by the Rice family to provide the public with the portrait's provenance and details of its past, as well as the latest news of its ongoing research.


Anne Rice and her late husband, Henry Rice, owned the portrait of Jane Austen, his ancestress by family descent. Henry died in 2010; he and Anne were married for thirty-five years. Acres of print have been written about the painting, positions around it have become entrenched and passions have run high.


Now, for the first time, the Rice family are able to offer a detailed history of this fascinating portrait and the latest findings of its authenticity after years of research. Covered in depth is the known history of the Portrait, including information and family letters, and its owners. There is also research on the methods used by Ozias Humphry to sign his works, on his life and his whereabouts in relation to this painting.



The Latest


Proof of the Authenticity of the Rice Portrait


We believe this is the

most important and

revealing article we have

yet put on our website.

Professor Johnson has

just written an article in

the TLS in which she

states that the Rice Portrait of Jane Austen is an authentic likeness. We are reproducing that article here on our website so that all interested parties can see it.


We are also, for the first time, making available the complete forensics report, produced by Stephen Cole of Acume Forensics, on the digital photographs that he received directly from The Heinz library - part of the National Portrait Gallery.


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The Rice portrait has now been authenticated beyond doubt, following an independent forensic investigation of writing visible on a photographic plate taken of it in 1910, before later restoration and cleaning obscured these elements. The details of this conclusive evidence were revealed in the Times Literary Supplement... find out more.

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